Thursday, September 25, 2014

What's there to see at the Hills

Parents and visitors, when you come visit the Hills this week, here's just a few things you'll see!

Ms. Payton's class has been working on the sight word "up" and they have created a tree! They've also been working on a poem using the word "up". Video to come!

Fourth grade-
They've been learning about Native American culture and writing!

Third grade-
Mrs. Jackson's class shows off their Parts of a Plant flip-books

And Mrs. Delk shows off the top 4 Life Cycle presentations. You can see more about them on her blog {HERE}

Great job, teachers and students!

Reminder to parents- 
1. Parent/ Teacher conferences are next week!
2. Join the PTA! Just $5!
3. We love visitors and volunteers! Come see me- Ms. Harper- in the office for ways you can help your child's school!